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Marie Darrieussecq

Jurgen Teller

Страниц: 192
A retrospective look at the work of one of the most influential fashion photographers of his generation. JA? rgen Teller first became famous for his innovative fashion editorials published in magazines such as i-D, W , and The Face . His work redefined the aesthetics of fashion photography, moving away from the glamour and gloss of the 1980s to the more brutally direct realism of the 1990s. Teller captures his subjects at seemingly unrehearsed moments, revealing them in all their imperfection and vulnerability. Whether he is photographing supermodels and celebrities or himself and his family, Teller finds poetry in the everyday, creating images that are poignant, humorous, rough, or tender. This book includes the major icons of his work in fashion, as well as new and previously unpublished images. 150 color illustrations.
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