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Louise Lawler

Twice Untitled and Other Pictures (looking back)

Страниц: 192
For the past two decades Louise Lawler has been taking photographs of art in situ, from small poignant black-and-white images of art in people's homes to large format glossy color pictures of art in museums and in auction houses. In addition she has produced a variety of objects--paperweights, etched drinking glasses, matchbooks, gallery announcements--all of which cleverly describe how art comes to accrue value as it moves through various systems of exchange. Lawler's oeuvre was essential in creating an expanded field for photography, it was crucial in postmodern debates over theories of representation, it remains indelible within the field of institutional critique, and it has always been trenchant and witty in its sustained commitment to a feminist vision of art, art history, and contemporary art practice. But Lawler is also an old-fashioned "artist's artist," long overdue for the kind of serious reconsideration and recognition that this volume affords. The very...

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18 декабря 2010: Мастер-класс Михаила Тарасова в New School Photo College
Я думаю, не надо объснять кто это и как он пришел к такому мастерству. Просто хотим пригласить всех, кто давно хотел узнать секреты автора.  Программа семинара: 1. Сначала Михаил расскажет о композиции в своих работах. Размещение объекта на фотографии, использование соотношение сторон 3:2, 6:6, использование рамок.

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