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Edited by Ian Luna, Kenneth Powell

Kohn Pedersen Fox: Architecture and Urbanism 1993-2002

Rizzoli, 2002
Страниц: 528
Kohn Pedersen Fox, one of the world's foremost architectural firms, has achieved international stature with its brand of refined modernism and contextualism. Included in this volume are award-winning projects from the last decade such as the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C., Baruch College in New York, IBM Corporate Headquarters in Armonk, New York, Thames Court in London, Endesa in Madrid, the Rodin Museum in Seoul, and the Cannett / USA Today Building in McLean, Virginia. Sixty projects from around the world showcase the firm's diversity. With headquarters in New York and London, KPF has designed mixed-use skyscrapers in Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore; institutional and academic facilities; airport terminals; art museums; and energy-efficient corporate headquarters. KPF continues to create buildings that are not only part of the urban fabric but also works of architecture that redefine and transform their context, and address...
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