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Bryan Ray Turcotte

It All Dies Anyway: L.A., Jabberjaw, and the End of an Era

Rizzoli International Publications, Inc, 2015
Страниц: 272
Формат: 245x290
The untold history of the seminal cultural venue Jabberjaw-the undergroun indie scene of the 1990s. Billing itself as a "coffeehouse art gallery" when it opened in 1989. Jabberjaw quickly became not only the cornerstone of the Los Angeles post-punk scene but also a hub of the underground music scene nationwide. Bridging the gap between punk and indie, Jabberjaw was a bastion of counterculture that hosted shows for bands from the obscure to the legendary in an environment that reflected a generation. Edited by the owners of the club, and with contributions from dozens of the musicians, artists, and friends who played and spent time there. It All Dies Anyway is a record of the venue's brief but influential existence. Designed and compiled by Bryan Ray Turcotte, the book paints an engrossing portrait not only of a venue b also of a forgotten time and place in music history.
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Фотография, сделанная для модельного агентства "Cats". Съемка была буквально вчера. Просто она нам очень понравилась, вот и решили поделиться ею с миром :)

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