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USA: A Picture Book to Remember Her by

Crescent Books, 1986
Страниц: 64
Формат: 200x270
The United States of America, one of the largest countries in the world, presents a variety of scenery, climate, people and customs unequalled almost anywhere. Snow-capped Mount McKinley in Alaska is, at 20,270 feet, the highest point in the United States, and Death Valley which lies 280 feet below sea level, is the lowest. Between these two extremes are very different landscapes, ranging from the vast plains of the wheat-growing Prairie States to the arid deserts of Arizona and Utah: from the swamplands of Florida to the beautiful coastlines of Maine and California. There are, in addition, many fine and interesting cities such as Washington DC, home of the gracious White House and Capitol building, New York with its unforgettable skyline and the Statue of Liberty and Boston and Philadelphia, rich in colonial history but so much a part of the 20th century Farther south, at the tip of Florida, is Miami, the winter playground of the rich, and on the west coast stands the...
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Canon и Nikon обновили прошивки для зеркалок

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