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Фотография: литература книги учебники пособия
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любительская фотография / подарочные фотоальбомы /
старые и старинные фотографии


Notebook strives for a stronger synthesis between the two aforementioned languages and makes use of transfer printing technique on plaster panels, recycled paper and other materials. The main difference with Andrea Garuti's previous work lies exactly in the blending of painting, which impresses new shapes in photographs through the use of colour and forces the images to produce new and unexpected spaces, and photography, which in turn incorporates those colours and transparencies into its own world. Analyzing architecture through this cross-breeding method has given to the author the possibility of re-interpreting the City as a subject, freeing it from the imposing precision of the camera lens.

7 советов профессионального фотографа моды Adriana Curcio

7 советов профессионального фотографа моды Adriana Curcio

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