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Ирина Тюрина, Татьяна Каратеева, Дмитрий Грбатов, Helen Shakhter

Just Russia

Russian Union of Travel Industry, 2005
Страниц: 120
Формат: 290x290
Russia is an extremely vast country: its total area is over 17 million square kilometres. It is not easy to imagine such a territory, especially for Europeans. In the east, on the Chukotka Peninsula, the morning starts nine hours earlier than in Moscow. The time you need to spend in order to cross Russia by train is over a week, or about ten hours by air. The plane crosses almost every kind of climatic zone, including tundra, taiga, steppe and even desert. Overall, Russia's natural landscape is amazing and unique in many respects: it is not surprising that over 25 national parks and 84 nature reserves exist on Russian land. Forests occupy over 50% of the whole country's territory. The birch tree, one of the most romantic trees to be found here, is considered to be a Russian national symbol. Our album describes only several of the cities and regions which are considered to be the most interesting for foreign visitors. In fact, there are limitless opportunities for relaxation in...
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В мире фотографии, обычно считается что камера может быть использована для преодоления барьера общения между людьми. Исходя из своего опыта, я никогда в полной мере не реализовывал эту истину, за исключением последнего месяца.

Фотопортрет в городе

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