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Reuel Golden

New York: Portrait of a City / Portrat einer Stadt / Portrait d'une ville

Taschen, 2014
Страниц: 560
Формат: 260x350
New York's remarkable rise, reinvention, and growth is not just the tale of a city but the story of a nation, from the building of the Brooklyn Bridge to the immigrants arriving at Ellis Island; from the slums of the Lower East Side to the magnificent Art Deco skyscrapers. This book captures the feeling of the streets, the sidewalks, the chaos, the energy, the ethnic diversity, the culture, the fashion, the architecture, the anger, and the complexity of the mythical, mystical Big Apple. With nearly 600 pages of iconic images sourced from dozens of archives and private collections - many never before published - as well as hundreds of quotations and references from books, movies, shows, and songs, this compendium reveals the city's fluctuating fortunes, the wild nights of the Jazz Age and the hedonistic disco era, the grim days of the Depression as well as the devastation of 9/11 and its aftermath. Featuring the work of over 150 celebrated photographers from the mid-19th century to the...
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