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Barry Feinstein

Real Moments. Bob Dylan. Фотоальбом

Vision On, Omnibus Press, 2009
Страниц: 158
Формат: 250x320
Perhaps bouncing around the Southern Californian desert back trails with motorcycle pals, Dave and Bud Ekins and Steve McQueen helped. Or slipping behind the "iron curtain" for the first images of Cold War Poland (as yet regrettably unpublished, by the way), or covering Hollywood with an uncompromising lens during the civil rights protests of the early '60s. Maybe it was while shooting the many classic album covers for which he is so well known. In any case Barry has an instinct for the unique capture. Many can point a camera and push a button. Not everyone can make an image sing. Like a great song, a great photograph should have something to say. Sometimes it's a sense of being really there, a record of a moment in time or sometimes a conveyance of the voice of the artist that verges on poetry. I first met Barry Feinstein at his photography studio on 73rd St. in Manhattan in what was then still New York City. There was an immaculate, bright red, 101 Indian Scout, vintage...
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