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Editor Hans-Peter Riese

Государственный Русский музей. Альманах, №176, 2007. Sovak

Palace Editions, Wienand, 2007
Страниц: 344
Pravoslav Sovak is currently one of the most important European artists creating prints and drawings. His use of graphic techniques, applying them in an innovative manner to express a hitherto unknown pictorial language, has won him international recognition. His fascinating work has been shown in the most important museums and galleries in Europe and the United States. The extensive retrospective of his work, beginning in Duren, will continue on to Regensburg before being shown in St. Petersburg, and, finally, in Munich. Pravoslav Sovak is not only presented as the creator of drawings and prints, but above all as an impressive painter and photographer whose works span, in the truest sense, a network of diverse existential levels and worlds of memory to fuse an aesthetic entity of place and time. By channelling light from the depths of the image, the viewer standing before it is ultimately encompassed and thereby drawn into Sovak's world, where reality is transformed into poetry,...

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