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Marfe Ferguson Delano

Welcome to the World: A Keepsake Baby Book

National Geographic Society, 2014
Страниц: 152
Формат: 255x255
Sweet, tender, and inspirational prompts help parents fill out a memory/scrapbook for their children that goes far beyond first tooth or first steps, but misses none of those key milestones. This book connects their child to a world full of beauty, promise, and hope, just what every parent wants for a child. Touching quotes, poems, nursery rhymes, and awe-inspiring facts that connect the birth of the new child to the beauty of the world he/she is entering. Each spread is a celebration of the parent/baby bond, from first sunset to a parent's deepest dreams for a child. Its richness makes it a book parents will love to share with their children throughout childhood, and one that children will treasure into adulthood. The power of images to inspire emotion are put to good use here, drawing deeper thoughts than pastel bunnies, ducks, and chicks. The spirit of welcome for new life pervades the pages with deep joy.
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