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Stoiko Kozhouharov


Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 1967
Страниц: 142
Формат: 240x220
here are cities which impress one with the patina of their castles and fortre with their long and eventful history. There are cities which captivate one with their zling wealth, with the whirlwind of their life, with the exotic charm of their appearce. Sofia, our capital, hardly possesses any of these qualities, but it strikes the v with its youthful spirit, with its cheerful, buoyant inhabitants, with its white stone build surrounded by lush greenery and a promise for a bright future. But, because the traces of its millennia are hidden deep under its granite r. ments and in the silence of the museum halls, those who know that Sofia is the se oldest European capital after Athens are probably very few. Diggings have indisputably proved that our fair city was founded over five thou years ago as a settlement of an unknown tribe along mineral springs which exist to day. The city has witnessed the vicissitudes of different ages. Thracians and Ron Slavs and Bulgarians have...
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