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Llewelyn Pritchard MA

Bristol UK Aerial Photographs and Tourist Attractions (Photo Albums) (Volume 16)

Страниц: 28
Aerial photographs and tourist attractions of Bristol, England, (Great Britain) United Kingdom taken on 5 August 2011 (Front Cover view of the Floating Harbour, Bristol City Centre looking in a south-easterly direction.) Tourist Attractions Ashton Court Estate Country Park and Mansion (850 acres of woodland and grassland offers ballooning, the International Bristol Balloon Fiesta, International Kite Festival, deer park, golf courses, horse riding, market, miniature railway, mountain biking, orienteering and 5 kilometre runs around the estate) [pages 12-16] Avon Gorge (rises about 100 metres above the tidal River Avon is a Site of Special Scientific Interest [SSSI] part of which is a National Nature Reserve. Natural cliffs and quarry exposures showing complete local succession of Carboniferous limestone make it a historic geological site with rock screes, scrub, pockets of grassland and adjacent woodland supporting an exceptional number of nationally rare and scarce plant species. The...
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