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Power Stations in Berlin: Das Erbe Der Elektropolis/The electropolis Heritage

Страниц: 112
Book DescriptionBerlin was once the biggest industrial area in Europe, home to large-scale enterprises like AEG and Siemens. Bewag, the Berlin electricity provider, laid the foundations for a modern power supply together with these companies. Power Stations in Berlin considers numerous local power stations as an integral part of the city's architectural heritage, from the period of industrialization at the beginning of the 20th century until now, giving a comprehensive overview of Berlin as an industrial city in the process. The question of how to reuse these unique plants, is raised; the right balance between preserving the facilities and finding a new economic use for them is crucial. Essays by Klaus Burgel, Hilmar Barthel, Hans-Achim Grube, Christina Keseberg, Matthias Dunger, Herbert Strobel, Jorg Haspel and Hubert Staroste Paperback, 9.25 x 12.25 in./112 pgs / 22 color and 78 b & w.
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