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Christina Lessa

Women to Women : A New Plan for Success and Well-Being from Today's Most Celebrated Women

Страниц: 160
Book Description In this essential book for women, Christina Lessa, a wife, mother, and established photojournalist, has interviewed and photographed nineteen remarkable achievers at the tops of their fields-- from health experts to spiritual leadersto successful businesswomen. Each woman offers her secrets to maintaining a sound mind and fit body in today's modern world. Now, rather than consulting multiple books by a variety of experts to get the advice they need, women can have it in one comprehensive manual. Selected to cover the fundamental components of a woman's lifestyle-- nutrition, fitness, beauty, rest and relaxation, sex, work, family, finance, and spirituality-- the experts in this book provide easy-to-follow regimens that even the busiest woman can follow. Yoga guru Sharon Gannon offers a revitalizing workout that any woman can do. Makeup artist Bobbi Brown lists ways to look beautiful and confident at every age. Spiritual leader Iyanla Vanzant guides women...

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