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Jean Karotkin

Body & Soul: The Courage and Beauty of Breast Cancer Survivors

Страниц: 136
Book DescriptionAt the time Jean Karotkin was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found herself at a stage in her life she had never anticipated. In the wake of a troubled marriage, she had no true identity of her own and her self-esteem was gone. Refusing to give up or give in, she garnered the strength needed to beat the disease and, in the process, turned her tragedy into a rebirth, both professionally and personally. Ironically, breast cancer gave her the power to make life changes and decisions shenever thought she could manage. Karotkin heard women relate their fears of no longer being attractive, no longer being whole, no longer being feminine and recognized that it was their stories she wanted to document using her newly developed talents in fine art photography; to show her "sisters-in-spirit" ? and the world ? that their perceptions were unfounded. Though still relatively unknown in the photographic field, Karotkin, on the sheer power of her images,...

18 декабря 2010: Мастер-класс Михаила Тарасова в New School Photo College
Я думаю, не надо объснять кто это и как он пришел к такому мастерству. Просто хотим пригласить всех, кто давно хотел узнать секреты автора.  Программа семинара: 1. Сначала Михаил расскажет о композиции в своих работах. Размещение объекта на фотографии, использование соотношение сторон 3:2, 6:6, использование рамок.

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