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Cristobal von Rothkirch

Bogota Viva

Страниц: 320
Book Description The largest city in South America north of Rio, Bogota is an urban environment of more than 7 million inhabitants; like other metropolitan areas, Bogota is many cities at once. Looking through Cristobal von Rothkirk's photographiceye, here is all of Bogota-the sophisticated Hispanic city, the South American captial, the complex of urban cultures tattooed with signs of international pop culture. In this book is both a city being reshaped by our times as well as a timeless city with 500-year-old customs and festivals. Von Rothkirk sees the contrasts that show up at street level but even the grafitti is distinctively Bogota Cristobal von Rothkirch looks at his city in a passionate way, discovering what could be the new essence of the Pan-American metropolis. Bogota viva!

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