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Phillip Andrews

360 Degree Imaging: The Photographers Panoramic Virtual Reality Manual (Photography on the Web)

Страниц: 176
Book DescriptionPhotographic based virtual reality is fast becoming one of the most exciting areas of the digital imaging world. No helmets, no gloves; no longer even an interactive panorama tool, the new techniques create fully immersive experiences where the viewer can look up and down as well as sideways whilst playing with virtual objects. This book provides a visual introduction that is both easy to read and understand. The ideas and techniques draw on those used by industry professionals and are presented in a step by step form, allowing readers to gradually develop VR skills. Practice images and demonstration versions of the software used in the book can be downloaded from the companion website. The author reviews and discusses a range of hardware and software options, providing VR imaging solutions for budget conscious amateurs and professionals alike. Comprehensive technique overviews are provided for the capture, creation and display of Standard and cubic...

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