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James Baker Hall

Tobacco Harvest: An Elegy

Страниц: 78
Book DescriptionIn 1973 James Baker Hall photographed these scenes and events of a Kentucky tobacco harvest. We look at them now with a sort of wonder, and with some regret, realizing that while our work was going on, powerful forces were at play that would change the scene and make "history" of those lived days, which were enriched for us then by their resemblance to earlier days and to days that presumably were to follow.?Wendell Berry, from the book An insightful meditation on the shifting nature of humans? relationships with the land and with each other, Berry?s essay laments the economic, political, and societal changes that have forever altered Kentucky?s rich agricultural traditions. Berry also adds a deeply personal perspective to Hall?s eloquent visual testimony. With a farm of his own nearby, Berry was a longtime friend and neighbor of the families shown in Hall?s pictures and took part in their work swapping. In addition to detailing...

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