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Farrell Eaves

Mr Eaves And His Magic Camera

Страниц: 104
Book DescriptionSometimes disaster is serendipity in disguise. Farrell Eaves had carefully placed his digital camera on a tripod next to the scenic Pecos River when the unthinkable happened. Distracted, he accidentally bumped the tripod, and both it and the camera plunged into the river, apparently ruined. In an attempt to salvage his waterlogged camera, Eaves tried blowing it dry with compressed air, baking it in the New Mexico sun, and finally, tying it to the windshield wiper of his car while driving to Las Vegas and back at 75 mph. After much effort by Mr. Eaves, the camera finally dried, but it would never be the same. Incredibly, it was better.The camera's baptism in the Pecos transformed it into an amazing tool for revealing the extraordinary in ordinary objects. Streaks of light and colorful auroras appeared around the objects in images taken with the "ruined" camera, giving them a magical, surreal quality.Mr. Eaves and His Magic Camera is a marvelous collection of these...

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