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Paul Harcourt Davies

Digital Photography Q & A : Great Tips & Hints from a Top Pro (A Lark Photography Book)

Страниц: 144
Book Description Finally--a manual that clears up the confusion about digital photography for the millions using this popular new equipment. Despite the explosive popularity of the new technology, many photographers still have trouble deciphering the jargon and using their cameras effectively. With its wonderfully easy question-and-answer format, this manual offers the information digital photographers seek. Everything is covered, from understanding the actual camera to outputting and storing images. It explains how to take great close-ups, use both the zoom and focusing features, shoot creatively at night and in low light, and find the right techniques to capture a range of different subjects (people, animals, landscape, action). Photographers who have this guide by their side will be in the know and ready to take full advantage of their cameras.

Фотограф напечатал на 3D-принтере камеру своей мечты

Фотограф заснял акул в волне над поверхностью моря
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