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Martin Parr

Bliss : Postcards of Couples and Families collected by Martin Parr (Martin Parr Postcard Collections)

Страниц: 128
Book Description The celebrated photographer and social commentator Martin Parr follows up the Boring Postcards series with a new installment of his bizarre postcard collection. Produced in the countries of the Southern Europe -during the 1970s,these cards show shamelessly idealized photographs of romantic lovers-frolicking in the hills, holding hands in the sunset, staring dreamily into each others eyes; and of perfect families-greeting Dad home from work, in the kitchen baking a cake with Mom, singing together at the piano. . . . Originating as domestic "icons," rooted in Catholic religious tradition, these images show the Mediterranean equivalents of the Brady Bunch. Both a revealing social-historical document and hilariously funny, they will appeal to all connoisseurs of photographic kitsch.
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