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Simon Joinson

Travel: The Digital Photographer's Handbook

Страниц: 112
Book DescriptionThe Digital Photographer?s Handbook series is the perfect tool for photographers wishing to experiment with the endless possibilities of digital technology. Each photograph is accompanied by a step-by-step explanation of how the effects/manipulations were achieved, while the level of competence required is the same for each title. No other digital photo books are subject-led and break down the image so clearly, making this series truly indispensable. Travel is the third in the series. The images are demystified into four processes: Shoot it, Scan it, Manipulate it and Print it. The book opens with a chapter: ?Why digital?? which discusses the advantages of digital against traditional photography, and follows up with real-life projects from the very basic to the more complex, showing how to shoot in the first place then improve the results after the event. A ready-reference glossary completes the package which gives readers the know-how to...

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Фотошопу — 25!
Как-то незаметно прошла серьезная дата: 25 лет назад на рынке впервые оказался программный продукт под названием Photoshop! Шантану Нараен (Shantanu Narayen), президент и генеральный директор Adobe, рассказывает о 25-летнем юбилее Фотошопа более 7000 присутствующих на встрече Adobe в рамках Конференции цифрового маркетинга, Солт-Лейк-Сити, 10 марта 2015 г. Фото Y Adobe, Eric Schramm. Свою историю нынешний […]

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