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Caroline Seebohm

Great Houses and Gardens of New Jersey

Страниц: 209
Book DescriptionNew Jersey is called the Garden State with good reason? some of the nation?s most strikingly beautiful homes and gardens can be found within its borders. Caroline Seebohm and Peter C. Cook have captured them gloriously in Great Houses and Gardens of New Jersey. No other book has so beautifully presented the architectural story of the state, stunningly documented in more than 200 color photographs? from a centuries-old farm to modern glass houses, from woodlands planted with native plants to formal French and English-style gardens. Each house and garden is privately owned, and many have never before been photographed. Readers are given an exclusive peek at some of New Jersey?s greatest treasures. Seebohm and Cook take us on a private tour of a pre-revolutionary Dutch farmhouse that could have sprung from the coast of Devon in England; a brick-patterned house that vividly expresses the originality and exuberance of the region?s early...
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