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John Bower

Lingering Spirit: A Photographic Tribute to Indiana's Fading, Forlorn, and Forgotten Places

Страниц: 144
Book DescriptionLingering Spirit is a moving experience?a captivating book that is filled with forlorn and abandoned homes, barns, and vehicles that have outlived their usefulness. As you turn each page, you become a living witness to a past that once defined a state. The farmsteads, general stores, churches, schools, and factories are a collective monument to the generations who lived out their lives in quiet dignity. Once integral to everyday existence, these places and objects are now relics that lie dormant across the countryside. Often ignored, they still retain an energy?a part of the soul?of their makers and users. And, it is precisely this spirit that has been so successfully captured in this timeless book. Each sepia-toned, black-and-white image will emotionally connect you to those who have gone before, to their struggles as well as their hopes and dreams. With over 200 stunning photographs?all taken in south-central Indiana?Hoosier photographer...
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