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Rob Huberman

How to Create a Video Family History: The Complete Guide to Interviewing and Taping Your Family's Stories & Memories

Страниц: 140
Book DescriptionCapturing family stories and preserving memories on tape to pass on to future generations has never been easier. Emphasizing techniques that can be utilized by any camcorder owner, this guide demonstrates how to compile video taped familyhistories that can be treasured for years to come -- and with minimal technical skill. In a simplified question and answer approach to videotaping and conducting a family history interview, "Video Family History" provides extensive sample interview questions on a wide variety of family subjects that can help loosen up even the "camera shy" and offers video recording tips to insure professional-looking results. ? Helps youngsters learn more about their ancestors. ? Enables older individuals to leave a legacy for descendants. ? Easy-to-follow format. ? Video interview techniques explained in non-technical terms. ? More than 500 thought-provoking and fact-gathering questions on 26 family...

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