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Christopher Weston

Double Vision

Страниц: 156
Book Description Celebrated nature photographers Christopher Weston and Nigel Hicks have traveled the world in a passionate pursuit of shadow and light. One hundred of their finest photographs are collected here, featuring landscapes as diverse as the crashing fury of the Bali seashore and the cloud-tipped mountains of Nepal. Accompanying the photos are in-depth discussions about the equipment and techniques used to achieve each shot, as well as tips for attaining similar results in your own photographs. As instructive as it is inspiring, the collection offers help on everything from choosing the right equipment and film to using color and motion to capture and express emotion, and it even addresses the challenges and possibilities of digital photography. Special circumstances like fog and mist, and shifting light conditions including foul weather, dawn and twilight are considered and a host of innovative solutions are offered, making it an ideal addition to any amateur...

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