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Sharon Montrose

Carry-Ons : Traveling Chihuahuas

Страниц: 80
Book Description Carry-Ons captures the smallest breed on the go: in their owner's pocket, purse, or backpack; riding in a car; hidden inside a hat; tucked under an arm; sitting in an office; perched on a laundry cart. These lively little Chihuahuas are photographed at their favorite spots, which are as diverse as an airplane cockpit and the Hollywood walk of fame. Find out what these little dogs are up to during a typical day with clever text that gives the name of each dog and where it travels. One well-heeled Chihuahua, Vida, goes to Petco, Kinko's Copies, Insomnia Coffee Shop, Samuel French Books, Canter's Deli, Office Depot, Third Street Promenade, and Palm Desert. The author and photographer of Lightweights, Sharon Montrose, delivers another irresistible book sure to delight all dog lovers. The vibrant color photographs and hip design make this book fresh and stylish. Like the toy breed it features, Carry-Ons is an instant pick-me-up.

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