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In the Southern Wild

Страниц: 176
Book DescriptionJoe Mac Hudspeth, Jr., a patient observer of wildlife in its habitat, has a rare gift of stillness. It lets him capture the image of a mallard bobbing on water, of a wood stork kneeing through the shallows, of an alligator cruising on a deadly prowl. In the wetlands of Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Texas he has taken these 150 full-color photographs. Stalking his quarry, he camouflages false cameras weeks in advance of a shoot so that animals grow accustomedboth to his blind and to his lens and camera. When he settles in, he may spend entire mornings in near-freezing cold. The resulting images are crisp and glorious. "Wetlands are vanishing quickly in this country and around the world," writes Rick Bass, noted short story writer and environmentalist in the foreword to this book, "but I have to believe in hope, and in the possibility that images as vivid and powerful as these will help remind us of our many blessings, and of the...
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