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East Africa Alive

Страниц: 132
Book DescriptionIn the wild, time unfolds in a series of fleeting and sometimes dramatic moments - a crocodile seizes a drinking zebra; a fleeing impala soars above its fellows in a huge bound; an eagle snatches a fish from the lake surface; elephant andwhite rhino clash at a waterhole. All these moments, and many more, are captured in East Africa Alive as it explores the ancient themes of courtship and birth, conflict and rivalry, life and death. Each theme is introduced by an authoritative text and illustrated with some of the best photos ever taken in East Africa. Detailed, descriptive captions accompany the images. With its sharp eye, East Africa Alive detects variations in mood and tone that are often subtle-the playfulness of tumbling monkeys, the tender bond between mother and young, the alertness of prowling predators, the glorious colors adorning the fishes of coral reef and the birds of the African bush. Here is East Africa, more alive that you've ever seen it...
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Природа; Флора и фауна

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