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Myra Dutton

Healing Ground: A Visionary Union of Earth and Spirit

Страниц: 138
Book DescriptionDisillusioned by urban life, Trish Tuley found sanctuary in the American wilderness. After escaping the Los Angeles corporate world in 1993, she picked up a camera and walked thousands of miles, capturing her communions with the land on film. Eight years later, a chance meeting with poet Myra Dutton revealed a kindred spirit, an individual who had also hiked many miles and shared her passion to serve nature through art. This connection lead to HEALING GROUND, a collection of 10 years of visual and literary meditations on the natural world. Comprised of awe-inspiring photos juxtaposed with soul-stirring poetry, this illuminating work is a much-needed reminder of our scarce and sacred Mother Earth, and her capacity for healing the soul.
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Природа; Флора и фауна

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