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Fashion Forever: 30 Years of Subculture

Страниц: 180
Book DescriptionFashion Forever is a unique account of the aesthetic choices of British youth and a comprehensive guide to three decades of style driven subcultures. This book also presents a unique collection of portraits of distinctive individuals, their looks, their styles and their very personal statements. Just read the reviews. "A glorious celebration of British street style..." -- Vogue; "Thirty years of candid fashion as worn by the innately stylish..." -- Arena; "An incredible journey all overthe world in search of the good, the bad, the ugly, the eccentric and the downright hardcore..." -- The Big Issue; "An astounding book... a resplendent result... an amazing anthology that charts the fashion trends as worn by the youth of Britain from themid-70s to the present day..." -- Dazed and Confused; "Too arty, too edgy..." -- ES Magazine; "It's a great addition to the sizable subculture canon..." -- GQ; "Fashion Forever works both as a visual pop culture history lesson and a...
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