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Philippa Lewis

Details: A Guide to House Design in Britain

Страниц: 144
Book DescriptionFrom chimneys to gates, medieval cottages to Georgian crescents, this rich photographic introduction to five hundred years of British domestic architecture will delight anyone interested in the evolution of house design. The most comprehensive guide of its kind, Details is a tribute to British ingenuity and style. Featuring high-quality illustrations, a beautiful layout, and a historical introduction, it takes individual architectural features and, through chronologically organized illustrations, shows how each detail has developed and changed under the influences of period, fashion, and technological advance. The book explores in detail the different elements that make the design of doors, windows, ironwork, ceramics, terracotta, stone and brickwork (among many others) so fascinating. Short texts and more than six hundred color photos highlight the trademark characteristics of each element, and readers are treated to gorgeous views of the most compelling examples....
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