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Denis Boyard

Nature Photography (Learning from a Master)

Страниц: 312
Book DescriptionUsing this exceptional book as a guide, would-be nature photographers embark on a journey of learning and discovery as they master, step by step, the technical know-how they will need to achieve excellent results when venturing into the wild with camera in hand. Beginning with the basics of selecting equipment and moving on to the essential photographic techniques of exposure, focus, and lighting, the book then offers tips on how to compose a shot, how to get close-ups, and how to explorethe possibilities of medium-format, large-format, and panoramic cameras. The striking color photographs-of seals in Antarctica, zebras on the savanna, rhinoceroses in the tropical forest, and much more-are of a quality seldom found in how-to manuals. Fascinating and beautiful in their own right, they illustrate the challenges and joys that are the rewards of nature photography, and will inspire many to take to the sea, to the air, and to an array of different environments to...

Pentax - Pentax optio
Новые цифрокомпакты от Pentax28.01.09 - Мобитрейд Первая фантом, Pentax Optio P70, относится к ультракомпактным цифровикам, причем корпус выполнен из метала. Характеристики этой модели никак не пошли в жертву размерам: 12-мегапикселов, широкоугольный 28-мм объектив с 4-кратным увеличением. Киноискусство ...

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Monsters of the Interstate25.01.09 - Clarksville Leaf Chronicle His first 35-mm single-lens reflex camera was a Pentax Spotmatic. In fact, he still uses some of his first lenses on his Pentax K20D. The real surprise is Pentax K2000 Review17.01.09 - Digital Camera Reviews

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