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Andre Gallant

Photographing People: At Home And Around the World

Страниц: 144
Book Description"The vulnerability of an infant, the spontaneous actions of a child, the tenderness of a loving parent, or the mystery of the people you encounter on your travels.... These are precious moments for a photographer, and sharing them makes it that much more special." - Andre Gallant Whether capturing a child's first steps or the unique character of a face in the crowd, people are a terrific subject for photographers. Unlike nature or travel photography, anyone, from the youngest and most novice photographer to the seasoned professional, can find another person to shoot. That's why knowing how to photograph people successfully is a key skill for every photographer. Photographing People: At Home and Around the World is the sixthvolume in a series of instructional books by internationally- acclaimed photographer, Freeman Patterson. Andre Gallant, Patterson's longtime teaching partner and co-author of Photo Impressionism and the Subjective Image,...

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