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Living Through The Forgotten War: Portrait Of Korea

Страниц: 49
Book DescriptionPhotographs depict the people who lived through the "forgotten war" in the early fifties in moving portraits that present an indelible witness to the upheaval which caught all on the peninsula--Korean, GI, POW--in an irresistible tide of change. These people caught in war share a silent unity that bridges the categories of North, South, civilian, soldier, and prisoner. They become a part of history and memory. The photographs are drawn from the tens of thousands taken by U.S. Army photographers during the Korean War. They present a new vision of a civil war that, as it metastized into a superpower face off, left the people in Korea caught in the space of everyday life between battle and blood, where individuals struggle to eke out a living just to get to the next day. The images catch the faces of people in a war, the Korean landscape--at once bucolic and dangerous--and the simplicity of a centuries-old way of life that would change profoundly under the drop forge...

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