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Steve Liss

No Place for Children : Voices from Juvenile Detention (Bill and Alice Wright Photography Series)

Страниц: 151
Book Description"We rarely see locked-up children because the laws established to protect their privacy have also kept them shut away from view. Fortunately, photographer Steve Liss gained unprecedented access to this hidden world and brings us face to face with some of the young people we are locking away by the multitudes--104,413 in public and private facilities on any given day in 2001. His powerful photographs present a moving testimony to the humanity of some of America's most deeply troubled and misunderstood youth. And the poignant first-person interviews with children, parents, and probation officers shatter the myths that these children are ruthless predators and that incarceration works." --from the foreword by Marian Wright Edelman, President, Children's Defense Fund Juvenile crime rates have dropped dramatically since the early 1990s, yet more young people are in juvenile detention today than at any other time in America's history. Most are nonviolent offenders. Many...

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