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Dorothee Gruner

Banco: Adobe Mosques of the Inner Niger Delta (Imago Mundi series)

Страниц: 188
Book DescriptionAs the Bechers ? the famous German photographers ? have made us discover the morphology and powerful beauty of 19th and 20th century industrial archeology, the photographs of Sebastian Schutyser reveal a neglected African architectural heritage: village adobe mosques in Mali. His black and white photographs (beautifully reproduced in duotone) emphasize a plastic language now extremely rare: an artistic fusion of architecture and sculpture. Is it architecture with sculptural qualities? Or is it rather architectonical sculpture? We no longer know; our mind and our senses are disconcerted by the cultural exception of this special creative mixture. Yet, at the origin of each of these creations we won?t find a sculptor or an architect: only village craftsmen; master artisans who have updated an ancestral skill of molding raw earth. Indeed, it is not the expression of a bygone popular culture: the majority of these mosques have been built or altered in the...

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