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Art Wolfe

Northwest Wild: Celebrating Our Natural Heritage

Страниц: 112
Book DescriptionArt Wolfe is one of the world's premier landscape and wildlife photographers. His home turf is the Pacific Northwest, and this compact collection of his best images covers all of the natural territory of this region: Mount Rainier, Olympic National Park, the Pacific Coast of Washington and Oregon, the North Cascades, Crater Lake, the high desert east of the Cascade Range, and Mount St. Helens. These are some of the most majestic places in the country and the most sought-after locations among travelers to the region. In stunning color photographs, Wolfe captures the essence of the Pacific Northwest. With an affordable price and portable size, Northwest Wild is an ideal tourist souvenir or reminder for residents of what they love about these locales.
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Природа; Флора и фауна

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