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Herman Asselberghs

Time Suspended

Страниц: 216
Book Description "The first thing a traveller has to learn in Palestine is to wait. The Palestinians have been doing it for more than fifty years. In the refugee camps in the Gaza Strip and on the West Bank, they have been waiting for permission to return ever since the Nabka , the catastrophe of 1948, when they were driven out of their houses and away from their land." In November 2002, the Brussels-based authors of Time Suspended went on a ten-day visit to Palestine. Like most, everything they knew of the country came from media. They discovered is a complex and intricate society that cannot truly be summed up in a soundbite. The many full-bleed images of Palestine presented here (many of them depict a somewhat deserted, laid-back, sleepy, place) challenge years of media-tainted observation and truly give insight into the daily lives of its inhabitants. Essays by Herman Asselberghs, Els Opsomer and Pieter Van Bogaert. Paperback, 5.5 x 8.25 in./216 pgs /...

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