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Marcia Hamilton

50 or More: A Lifetime Together

Страниц: 72
Book DescriptionA touching tribute to couples whose marriages have endured from 50 to 80 years, this photo essay expresses the lasting bond between husbands and wives and the qualities that have sustained their relationships. Together with contemporary photos and wedding or early photos of the pairs, the narratives span a romantic and colorful history of how the couples met, from typical introductions through friends and relatives to less conventional meetings under cars or on the day they wed. Just as wide-ranging are the stories of marriage. One couple was married in Paris after the armistice with the bride in a gown made from a parachute. Another couple ran off when he was 17 and she was just shy of 14 and were finally able to legally wed in Mexico. These heartwarming accounts are a testimony to the strength of commitment and power of love even in today's world. Included are two blank pages at the beginning of the book for couples to insert their own photos and narratives.
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