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Richard Benjamin

Rhode Island

Commonwealth Editions, 2004
Страниц: 126
Tucked into a corner of New England, Rhode Island is one of the region?s best-kept secrets. Out-of-staters think of it as Providence, Newport, and little else. Photographer Richard Benjamin knows better. His Rhode Island is a four-part scenic tour of the state beginning and ending in the capital: ?Providence? focuses on the historic home of Roger Williams and Brown University, from the colonial-era First Baptist Church to the Rhode Island State House, which boasts the second largest unsupported dome in the world after that of St. Peter?s in Rome. ?Along the Coast? makes it clear why Rhode Island is known as the Ocean State. Benjamin moves from the Port of Providence through the East Bay area, to Little Compton, and over Newport to the mainland coast. ?Back Roads? is an eye-opener, with scenes that could as easily be found in Vermont or Maine?from the Hope Valley Pub in Hopkinton to a one-room schoolhouse in Exeter, from the Coventry...

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