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Jeff Selis

Dog Save the Queen: The Tails of Britain

Страниц: 96
Book DescriptionHis work is "smart, funny, touching" (The Oregonian) and guaranteed to "make every dog lover smile" (Best Friends). Now dogumentarian Jeff Selis sets off with a plane ticket to London, a Polaroid camera, and a mission to meet and photograph every dog he can find in Great Britain. He arrives home with a whole slew of stories and photographs of his new four-legged friends. Meet Mendoza, who can smell danger when a block away; Lolo, who loves kicking it at Hampstead Heath; and Billie, who'llslurp the froth off a Guinness any day. And don't forget Gromit, whose cool is rivaled only by Snoopy. Everyone knows the British are batty about their dogs. Dog Save the Queen lets the dogs of Britain speak for themselves. Turns out they share an irreverent lust for life with canines the world over. Once again, Selis's dogs manage to wag, bark, swim, hunt, and drool their way into the staunchest of hearts.
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