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Robert H. Arnold

Interpretation of Airphotos and Remotely Sensed Imagery

Страниц: 280
Book DescriptionCreated by an experienced educator in the field of cartography, this lab manual was developed to train undergraduate and graduate students and professionals to extract information from images efficiently so that their interpretations are useful in their particular field. The aerial photographs and satellite images appear in color on an accompanying CD. This format allows students to zoom in on a photo up to the limit of the resolution. Each chapter contains exercises for learning how to interpret aerial photographs and other remotely sensed imagery. The exercises at the beginning of the book deal with fundamental concepts involved in working with maps and aerial images and gradually increase in level of difficulty and sophistication. Students are aided by a variety of pedagogical features, including a glossary of selected terminology, conversion tables, reproducible tools of interpretation, and land use and land cover classifications. Includes accompanying CD.

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