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Wild Grace: Nature As a Spiritual Path

Страниц: 124
Book DescriptionEric Alan masterfully integrates his stunning color photography of nature with profound prose on the spiritual dimensions of nature. Dividing Wild Grace into two sections (Sensing the Spirit and Living the Spirit), Alan draws us into the natural world as cathedral where deep lessons await us. In Sensing the Spirit, Alan shows us through words and images nature?s teachings on "No Ceilings," No Floors," "Flowing," "Floating," "Silent Support," "The Faith of Stones," "Life Giving Life," "Awareness," "The Color of Peace," and "Perseverance." In Living the Spirit, he shows us how to cultivate the wisdom that comes from attuning our lives to the natural world. Meditations cover "Home," Surroundings," "Religion," "Sex and Intimacy," "Family and Community," "Exercise," "Stillness," "Balance," "Work," "Education," "Money," "Ownership," "Food," "Music," "Conflict," "Sleep and Dreams," and "Health." Eric Alan has created a beautiful celebration of the details...

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