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Amy Flanegan


Страниц: 122
Book Description In this collection of photojournalism from Bennetton's groundbreaking Colors magazine, stories of very human suffering are told through the hardhitting images of James Mollison, one of the great masters of documentary photography. In 2002 Mollison and journalist Amy Flanagan traveled to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to visit projects supported by the United Nations World Food Program. Hunger is what they saw: intense images that represent the 800 million poor people around the world who live with hunger every day. The people in Hunger are the forgotten ones. Their plight may not be dramatic enough to make the news, but this doesn't mean that their lives are not in danger, that they don't exist. The UNWFP welcomes the publication of Hunger as part of its ongoing work to highlight the situation of the world's hungry. A percentage of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the UNWFP.

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