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Barry Beckham

The Digital Photographer's Guide to Photoshop Elements, Revised & Updated : Improve Your Photos and Create Fantastic Special Effects (A Lark Photography Book)

Страниц: 224
Book Description This updated, up-to-the minute manual on Photoshop's Elements includes information on the third and latest version of this extremely popular software program--just released this very season. All the new features, such as RAW file support, automated program detection, and one-click correction are thoroughly covered with visuals such as screenshots and tool boxes. With hundreds of images and hands-on projects, the guide walks digital camera enthusiasts through all the ins and outs of the hardware and software, including cameras, computers, storage, printers, and scanners. Find out about image film formats, and how to save pictures on the web and improve the composition and quality of a photo by cropping, rotating, flipping, or resizingthe image. Even simulate traditional darkroom procedures. Every digital photographer who owns Photoshop Elements will want this.

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