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Carla Rose

Sams Teach Yourself Digital Photography and Photoshop Elements 3 All in One (Sams Teach Yourself)

Страниц: 768
Book Description You received a digital camera as a gift or you are ready to move into the digital age ? either scenario means you need a book on your shelf like Sams Teach Yourself Digital Photography All in One . Author, Jennifer Fulton , a self-taught computer guru, understands that you need more than a description of what each button on your camera does. You need to know how and when to use those buttons. In her book Jennifer explains not only how to create great digital pictures but also: loading digital images onto a computer; Organizing and tweaking photos with Photoshop Album; Editing photos and getting creative with Photoshop Elements; and Outputting digital photos to a printer, a Web album, a CD or DVD, or to a printing service. Trust Jennifer Fulton to be your one easy-to-understand teacher when you are learning digital Photography.
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