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Mad Artist Publishing

DIGITAL PHOTO RETOUCHING: Beauty, fashion & portrait photography: Inspiration, Tips & Video Workshop by Julia Kuzmenko (MADARTISTPUBLISHING.COM MASTER SERIES COLLECTION)

Страниц: 104
Check out the digital version of this book at http://retouchingebooks.com/ebooks-mad-artist-book.html to gain access to additional materials (custom Beauty Brushes & Actions) + 2 extra pages and 30 minutes of video tutorials on how to use them. All links in the digital book are clickable, the navigation inside the book is very simple and convenient. You will also receive a 25% off discount code for the print version upon your digital book purchase. We only made the print book available as an additional option for those few who still prefer holding printed books in their hands. There are scannable QR codes in the print copy, which will take you to the video tutorials on your internet enabled device. And there are simply clickable Video icons, which will take you to the private Youtube videos on your computer (or tablet). We’ve put together a beautiful book for you to get inspired and learn professional Beauty, Fashion & Portrait retouching tricks and techniques from a successful...

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