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Drive Style

"Once upon a time, a great man said to me: "Culture is defined as everything you don't need." He went on to explain: Mankind needs food to quell hunger, but fine cuisine is where scoffing becomes culture. Mankind needs water to stem thirst, but wine is where drinking becomes culture. And so I assumed: Mankind needs transport to get about, but car style is where mere travel becomes culture. The British are famous for not being able to leave well alone. A car is manufactured and the British take this as a mere "starting point" to which they add their signature, their own personality stamped all over the car. The enamelled ignition key ring tossed blithely onto the pub table is not a requisite of travel, it's a statement of personality, an intent, the logo on the key ring a clarion call to dreams and aspirations, a hymn to the pretentious, a thrown gauntlet to all the other key rings on the table". by Cally Callomon
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